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Christies have Re-branded

Christies have re-branded! We are very excited that the time has come to share our project that we have been working on passionately over the past few months. What does this involve? We have updated our logo and colourways which you will see across all materials. We have a brand-new website that includes this blog. You will also see updates across our social media platforms where you will be able to stay connected to all that is happening at Christies along with tips and advice on all your accountancy needs.

Why did we decide to make some changes? Christies have been going through a period of growth, this is something we are very excited about and have strived for. We wanted to take the opportunity to reflect that within the company brand. We are thrilled with the changes that we are making and believe that our clients will fully support these developments. Especially as it will have a positive impact on the way they can communicate with us.

It is important to keep up with the times and the changes and developments that go along with that. This re-brand reflects that we take that seriously with our fresh, modern aesthetic that reflects who we are. Our lines of communication will be wider than ever before, meaning it will be simple to reach out to us whenever required. Additionally, we are going to be in position to share information more easily, something we are thrilled about!

We would be thrilled to hear from you about your thoughts on the re-brand. Naturally, if you have any accountancy queries we are here to help.

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